Who Played Drums With Prince?

Who Played Drums With Prince

The answer to this question is pretty simple. The only two drummers to play with Prince were Morris Hayes and Sheila E. Morris Hayes was the first drummer for Prince, joining him in 1978. He stayed until 1983 when he was replaced by Sheila E. was his second drummer and played with him until 1985, when she left to pursue her career as a singer.

Sheila E. was the only female drummer to play with Prince, but she wasn’t the only woman to perform with him. Several other women played in his band over the years. They all played percussion instruments like congas and bongos, though—no one ever took up drumming duties for Prince’s band until Morris Hayes joined up in 1978.

Morris Hayes was Prince’s first drummer and played with him from 1978 to 1983. He is known for being the drummer on Prince’s first three albums, "For You", "Prince" and "Dirty Mind". Morris left in 1983 to form the Time, which was signed by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

Who Was Prince's Best Drummer?

Who Was Prince's Best Drummer

Prince's best drummer was probably Sheila E., who played with him from 1978 to 1986. Sheila E. was born Sheila Escovedo in San Francisco, California, in 1958.

She began playing drums at age 12, and she was a member of her family's band, The Escovedo's. She worked with Prince from 1978 to 1986 as his drummer and percussionist; she also sang lead vocals on some of his songs and appeared in his music videos.

In addition to working with Prince, she has released two solo albums and one album with her band Fever (which included members of The Time). If you're looking for a more traditional answer, though—and this is just my personal opinion!—I'd say that John Blackwell was Prince's best drummer.

He played with Prince from 1981 to 1983 (he also played with Bootsy Collins), but he wasn't known as a session musician until he joined Miles Davis' band in 1984 (he remained there until 1998). Blackwell's playing was very different from that of Prince's other drummers: he played a more traditional style, often using brushes and emphasizing groove over flash.

Who Was Prince's First Drummer?

Who Was Prince's First Drummer

Prince's first drummer was Matt Fink, who played with Prince in his band Grand Central. Fink was there from 1978 to 1980, and he played on the albums Prince and Dirty Mind.

After Fink left the band, he was replaced by Bobby Z. Bobby Z played on Prince's albums Controversy and Around the World in a Day. He also played drums on Sign o' the Times and Parade.

After Bobby Z left, Prince's new drummer was Sheila E. She played on the albums Parade, Sign o' the Times, and Lovesexy. She also played drums on the songs "Kiss" from Parade and "A Love Bizarre" from Around the World in a Day. Bobby Z was Prince's longest-serving drummer, and he played with Prince until 1989. In that year, he left the band because of disputes over money.

He was replaced by Sheila E., who had previously played percussion in Prince's band. Bobby Z left Prince's band in 1988, and his place was taken by Sheila E. Sheila played on the albums Batman, Graffiti Bridge, and Diamonds and Pearls. She also played drums on The Gold Experience and Chaos & Disorder.

Who Was The Last Drummer For Prince?

Who Was The Last Drummer For Prince

Hannah Ford played drums for Prince before he died. She was the drummer for his band, 3rd Eye Girl until Prince died in 2016.

She played drums on a number of their songs together, including "Breakfast Can Wait" and "The Breakdown". She was also featured in several videos with him, including "Breakfast Can Wait" and "The Breakdown".

She played drums for Prince from 2011-2016. She was featured in several videos with him, including "Breakfast Can Wait" and "The Breakdown". She has also played drums for other artists like Macy Gray and Jill Scott. Hannah Ford was born on February 7, 1986. She played in bands throughout high school, including the all-girl punk group The Shutterbugs and a band called Hardly Dangerous.

She met Prince when she was 17 years old at a concert he put on for her school. He asked her to audition for his band, 3rd Eye Girl. Hannah Welton-Ford also held down drum and vocal duties on the band's debut album release Plectrumelectrum.

Who Was Prince's Drummer In 2013?

Who Was Prince's Drummer In 2013

Prince's drummer in 2013 was Hannah Welton Ford. She is a musician and actress from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She has played drums for Prince since 2007, starting with the Musicology tour. She also acted in "Purple Rain" as Prince's sister, Sharon.

Before that, she played with the band The Time. Hannah is also an accomplished musician and an avid collector of vintage instruments. She has collaborated on several projects with Prince, including a song called "1000 Petals" from his 2010 album "20ten". Before that, Hannah was the drummer for Dez Dickerson's group, Sky.

She has also been a member of Prince's band since 2007 and played with him on his 20Ten Tour as well as the Welcome 2 America tour in 2010. Hannah is an incredible drummer with a sharp ear and great musical instincts. She plays with power, precision, and passion; she always knows what to do musically. Her ability to read rhythms is impeccable and her attention to detail makes her a pleasure to work with.

Who Played The Bongos For Prince?

Who Played The Bongos For Prince

I have a few ideas about who might have played the bongos for Prince. First, there's John Blackwell, who was Prince's first guitarist and also his first drummer. He played with Prince from 1978-1985, during which time he was on tour with him most of the time.

He's currently touring as part of the band for Morris Day and the Time—who was also featured on Purple Rain. So I think it's safe to say that Blackwell can play some bongos. Second, there's Bobby Z., another member of The Revolution who played guitar on The Family and Purple Rain. He also played drums for The Time, as well as being their bassist from 1984-1986.

He has not been in any recent bands since then, but he has continued working as a producer and session musician since then—so the odds are good that he still has those skills at his disposal today! Thirdly: There's David Coleman who played drums for Vanity 6 and Apollonia 6 (who both appeared on Purple Rain).

Who Was Sheila E To Prince?

Who Was Sheila E To Prince

Sheila E. was Prince's drummer and percussionist. She was born Sheila Escovedo in Los Angeles, California, on February 13, 1958.

Her father was famed percussionist Pete Escovedo and her brother is a singer-songwriter, Peter Michael Escovedo. Sheila E. began her career playing drums at age 8 with her father's band, Pete Escovedo & his Band of Gold.

She played alongside many musicians who would later become legends of funk and R&B, including George Duke, Eddie Harris, and David T. Walker. At age 12 she released her first single "School Boy Crush" on the Cotillion label (a division of Atlantic Records). In 1975 she left the band to pursue a solo career but returned to perform with them again in 1982 after releasing three albums as a solo artist ("The Glamorous Life," "The Belle Album," and "Spare Time").

Throughout her career, she has worked with many stars from across genres from Prince to The Pointer Sisters to Paul McCartney to Stevie Wonder to Madonna to Kenny Rogers to Chaka Khan, and more. She was also a judge on the NBC reality show The Voice during its first two seasons (2011–2013).

Was Prince A Good Drummer?

Was Prince A Good Drummer

Prince was a talented musician and composer. But because he was so musically gifted, it is often forgotten that he was also an outstanding drummer.

Prince played drums on almost all of his songs and albums, as well as many other artists' albums, including Sheila E.'s debut album and The Time's Musicology. He was an excellent drummer who could play very fast with both his hands and feet.

He was so good at playing drums that he started a band called The Family (not to be confused with the band of the same name from the late '60s) in 1981 when he was just 20 years old! They released one album titled "The Family" which contained four songs: "17 Days", "Moonbeam Levels", "Violet Blue", and "Maria".

Prince also recorded several solo albums exclusively for release in Japan; these were known as B-side albums because they were only available there but not elsewhere in the world. Prince's first two B-side albums were both released under his name while his third one was released under his pseudonym Alexander Nevermind (which is a reference to himself!).

Who Played Drums On Purple Rain?

Who Played Drums On Purple Rain

Prince played drums on Purple Rain, but the other members of his backing band were already established, players.

On guitar was Dez Dickerson, who had been in a group with Prince called Grand Central (which also included André Cymone). The bass player was Brownmark, and the keyboardist was Lisa Coleman.

The band was hired by Prince to back him on his first major tour, an 18-month run that lasted from December 1980 to October 1982. They were called The Revolution because they changed their name every time they played a new city; this was also how Prince referred to his backing band when he played live shows.

The rest of the band was rounded out by former members of The Revolution, including guitarist Wendy Melvoin and percussionist Bobby Z. The band was rounded out by Bobby Z. (Zander), who played drums on the album but was not a member of Prince’s band. André Cymone played bass on more than half the songs, including “Let’s Go Crazy,” “I Would Die 4 U,” and “Purple Rain.”

What Happened To John Blackwell?

What Happened To John Blackwell

John Blackwell was the bassist for Prince's band from 1979 to 1982, and then again from 1990 to 1992. He played with artists like Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder before he joined the band.

After leaving in 1991, he went on to produce music for other artists like Grace Jones, George Clinton, and Chaka Khan. After leaving Prince's band in 1992, Blackwell went on to produce music for other artists including Grace Jones, George Clinton, and Chaka Khan. In 2011, he released his album titled The Unpredictable John Blackwell.

He has also toured with The Time Machine Tour in 2017 as well as a tour called The Innovators Tour: A Tribute To Stevie Wonder In 2018 where he performed alongside other musicians who were part of the original albums that Stevie Wonder recorded while working with John such as Eric Leeds (saxophonist), David Coleman (keyboards), Michael Boddicker (keyboards), Jellybean Johnson (keyboards), Matt Fink (keyboards), Paul Peterson (bassist), Kirk Johnson (percussionist), Candy Dulfer (saxophonist), Lisa Coleman (singer/songwriter), etc...